How to Make Money With Your Interior Design Business Through Upselling

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Upselling is somewhat of a cornerstone of profitable business, where ultimately, the more you sell, the more money you’ll make. Sometimes it’s even worth making a loss on existing items if a future upsell is on the cards, providing you use modern techniques that increase your chances.

Every business is different, every customer is unique, requiring the application of different upselling methods dependent on the company in question. Though businesses differ, the principles of upselling remain the same. However, tactics vary depending on the circumstances at hand.

Upselling within the interior design industry is a great way to boost sales, especially when the market is saturated with elite competition. Upselling will enable you to secure a competitive edge and can be achieved with simple yet effective questioning.

What is Upselling?

Upselling involves securing a higher cost purchase than the consumer originally intended, utilizing the momentum of purchase to a compound profit.

Many use an upselling model based on earning 30% of your business profits from upsells, something which will propel your company to new heights.

Upselling is typically 5-10 times cheaper than acquiring new customers, so it makes sense to leverage upselling as a core business strategy. In fact, given its potency, you’d be wise to base your entire marketing approach on upselling.

Upselling Your Interior Design Clients

By asking your clients about their future needs you’ll entice them, but most importantly get them thinking about what else they need. Having secured a single purchase from a customer, you’re much more likely to secure additional purchases from the same client, providing you gather information which helps you determine what you can upsell.

Focus on saying things like ‘What about…?’, a question that’s proven to generate more sales. For example, you could ask ‘What about the kitchen?’, or ‘What about furniture for your local offices?’. These questions impose your services on the customer, at a time when they’re genuinely seeking them and are more susceptible for you to add value to their experience.

Clients will often have needs that differ from their original purpose, needs they’re at times unaware of until you bring awareness to their situation. Use your knowledge to inform clients of things that will perfectly complement their current situation.

What’s most important is for customers to know about everything else you can offer them. For example, if you’re working on someone’s carpets, you can ask ‘What about the windows?’, as a means for extending your services and ultimately securing more business.

Why is Upselling so Important?

Before you seek new clients, you should always consider what you can offer your existing clients. Whether this is executed on the spot or via contacting those you’ve already sold too, marketing services to people who have already purchased from you has three main advantages:

  • They know you already
  • They trust you
  • They value your services

The current clientele will react positively to your ‘What about…?’ questions, which will ultimately help you secure more upsells.

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