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The future of modern business will be revolutionized by emerging technologically, but when foreseeing what’s to come the interior design industry is often overlooked.

Whether you’re a customer or someone whose business operations are within the design niche, staying ahead of the curve means keeping your finger on the pulse of modern innovation and design.

There are new home decor trends which are surfacing all the time, meaning the evolution of design can be continually applied to update the interior design.

Trends come and go, whether it’s a pattern or color that’s in for a season or two, so how should you prepare to update your decor for 2020? There are no escaping modern trends, they emerge for a reason, and though it’s important to apply them with individuality in mind, it’s much better to embrace trends than run from them.

There are lots to look forward to, so here are just a few home decor trends for refreshing your home ready for 2020:

Abstract Energy

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This free-spirited interior trend is the evolution of expressive artwork, where certain personalities can be expressed in an abstract fashion. It can include bold geometrics, blocks of color, and hand-drawn sketches, providing the work evokes particular moods and emotions.

Utilizing punchy colors and bold patterns is an interesting approach, channeling the imperfections of hand-drawn artwork to provide realism and fluidity. Be bold with the colors you use. In fact, why not experiment with deep red or mustard. Abstract energy is a fantastic approach to decorating rooms when you’re looking to make a statement, on rugs, wallpaper designs, duvet covers, etc.

Structured Simplicity

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of creating a calm, chilled-out, relaxing space, a stripped-back approach to styling your room is probably right down your street. Inspired by the Nordic Retreat trend, structured simplicity is about creating a space suitable for rest and regeneration.

Use neutrals to create a calm, uplifting backdrop that offers a retreat from the outside world. The future lies in soft and neutral colors, a more thoughtful approach with a view to sustainability. This look will dazzle when applied to a small bathroom or rustic kitchen, but even more so in a bedroom or living room.

Embrace warm neutrals like natural buff, oatmeal, and beige.

Honest Comforts

Nothing beats an area which caters to comfort above all else, whether that’s with throws, knits, faux furs or comforting cushions your space will instantly feel more inviting. What’s great about a preference for comfort is it’s fitting for most seasons, especially when you place an emphasis on complementing cool blues and grays with a warmer palette of browns and pinks.

You can also use mossy greens and washed teals, colors that are easy to incorporate within a neutral color scheme. Use soft colors, comforting textures, and decorative details, especially with textiles and bedding. These go well when accompanied by tassels, fringing and trims.

If your home already has character, by updating it with modern comforts you’ll bring charm to your humble abode.

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